Have a plan for getting yourself to and from the airport before heading for SeaTac to ensure your vacation begins and ends on a positive note. Any time you travel, make sure that you allow ample time for transit, however you choose to arrive. Below, find all of your options for getting exactly where you need to be, securely and on time.

Doug Fox Parking

Driving yourself to the airport? You’ll need a reliable place to leave your vehicle. Doug Fox is only three minutes away from the SeaTac terminals, making it the closest parking lot to the airport. Just off the Airport Expressway, simply enter the lot on S. 170th street and in no time, you are on your way; grab a complimentary water bottle and enjoy the comfortable (albeit brief) ride to the airport. Tell your driver which airline you are flying and he or she will make certain that you arrive quickly and safely.

We run on demand. When you're ready to go, so are we.

Our parking lot and services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. No matter when your flight, the team at Doug Fox will be there to transport you to the airport safely and quickly.

Ground Transportation

Link Light Rail

From SeaTac Airport, the Link Light Rail extends north and ends at the University of Washington, with multiple stops in south Seattle neighborhoods, the International District and downtown. Headed south, the Link Light Rail has one stop in Angle Lake.

The service runs from 5am to 1am, Monday through Saturday and 6am to midnight on Sundays. Trains arrive every six to 15 minutes (wait time varies based on the time of day) and can be used with purchase of a ticket prior to boarding from the Link Station kiosks, the Transit Go ticket app, or by tapping your ORCA card.

Find the SeaTac Link Light Rail station on the fourth floor of the airport parking garage. Wheelchair service is available.

King County Metro Transit

The King County Metro serves the SeaTac airport at their locations on International Boulevard and S. 176th Street by the Link Light Rail station. Departure times are displayed at the bus stops, or you can grab a printed timetable from the Ground Transportation Information booth on the baggage claim level of the airport (near door 16, across from carousel 12).

Catch the bus by following the walkway through the north end of the fourth floor of the airport parking garage to the Link Light Rail station and exit International Boulevard. Pay as you board with cash or ORCA card payment.

Sound Transit

Sound Transit operates two express bus routes (ST Route 560 and ST Route 574) that pickup and drop off passengers at the south end of the main terminal on the lower drive. Pay as you board with cash or ORCA card payment.

Lyft, Uber and Wingz

Lyft, Uber and Wingz transportation networks all service the SeaTac Airport. Use the respective apps to arrange your ride and then proceed to the Ground Transportation Plaza on the 3rd floor of the airport parking garage. Follow the signs to the TNC/Rideshare pickup area in Sections I and J.

When traveling to the airport, arrange your ride with Lyft, Uber or Wingz with plenty of time prior to your flight. The driver will drop you off on the upper drive Departures level at the terminal you specify.

Pickup and Drop-Off

Are you picking someone up from the airport? Remember that you are not allowed to park or wait for extended periods at the terminal exits on the airport roadway shoulders. You can wait for your party at the SeaTac Cell Phone lot, located directly across from Doug Fox Parking on S. 170th Street.

If your party is arriving (or being dropped off) during peak airport hours, consider switching things up. Have your guest meet you on the upper drive Departures level, or drop them off in the lower drive Arrivals level to avoid congestion on the drives during airport rush hour. (Note: the Departures drive is generally busiest in the mornings and the Arrivals drive, evenings. Plan accordingly!) See our blog post with even more ideas: [8 secrets to avoid the gridlock and lower your holiday stress]